PalleI like to eat and I like to write. This blog is where these activities intersect.

As one cannot really gauge the relevance of a restaurant review to their own needs without knowing something of the reviewer, I offer the following:

As the blog title might suggest, I eat animals.  Even cute ones, like bunnies.  I am an unapologetic carnivore who believes that the whole animal should be used, nothing wasted, that some of the less popular bits are some of the yummiest.  I have little patience for those who only eat meat when presented as over-cooked slabs of chicken or steak that barely resemble or taste like the animals they come from.  I don’t think any animal should be raised cruelly, and that animals deserve a better fate than to end up as a pizza pop or a McNugget.  I will eat raw meat, but I draw the line at live seafood.

I also eat vegetarian or vegan, quite often in fact.  I do not believe that vegetarian is an excuse for poor or bland food (the Naam can kiss my omniverous ass).  I’ll eat and enjoy pretty much any fruit or vegetable prepared well.

I enjoy the food of all cultures. I enjoy fine dining, and I enjoy a good greasy-spoon diner. I could care less about what the latest trendy hot-spot is.

I enjoy wine and beer, and the art of matching these items to food.  I like a good cocktail or glass of scotch.  Drinking is most enjoyable when treated as food, not when treated as a drug.  If you think Red Bull is a good mixer, you’re probably reading the wrong blog.

This blog exists largely as a vehicle for me to practice my writing, so I may from time to time try stylistic tools or narrative voices for the sake of writerly exercise.  Some of this, I’m sure, will be less than successful.

I will add photos soon.  I promise!

I am available for freelance writing projects that relate to food, dining, restaurants, wine and beer.  Drop me a note if you are interested.  If you think there is a restaurant I should check out, or you want me to check out your restaurant, I’d be happy to.

I can be reached at

Photo of Palle at Bella Epoca Ristorante in Merida, Mexico by Dawna Read


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